What is gitevents?

GitHub Issues + Your Event = gitevents You're organising a Developer user-group. You use GitHub Issues in your day job to manage your workflow. You're having trouble managing your event. Why not solve your problem with the tools you know.

gitevents uses a GitHub Issues to create, track and manage your Events as Milestones and book Talks as Issues, which a progressed through a simple Workflow as Labels.

It uses gitevents web-hooks to talk to a node.js service which listens to your GitHub Issues. This propogates events out to Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and Event Management sites (Tito, Meetup, Facebook, Google+) and keeps people informed (Tweets, Status Updates, Email).

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Command line utility to make configuring and setting up Gitevents easier.


A Gitevents plugin for adding / updating events in Tito.


a github api bot which reminds people to include required information


It's a swig renderer for gitup-mailer